“We were fortunate to locate Nick and his crew at Calder Custom Building for our total house remodel and expansion to 3,000 square feet.  This hard-working group was able to accomplish all our goals on schedule and on budget, which speaks volumes based on the scope of work and irregularity of the project.  There were numerous one-of-a-kind features, including stacking ponds, waterfalls, mosaic tiled bathrooms, an engineered roof deck and cast plaster wainscoting – all of which Calder Custom Building executed with absolute precision.   We also appreciated Nick’s creative eye and knack for finding elegant solutions to tricky problems without unexpected costs.  We can’t imagine any other builder having done as good a job and we could not be happier with the results.”
-Scott & Toni Pinsky

“Nick worked with us closely start to finish on our large remodeling project, took a real interest in the design and materials and made some great suggestions on alternate choices, and was always around to provide supervision to his crew.  And he came on budget!  We highly recommend Calder Custom Building.”
-Carol and Timothy Gee

“I worked with Nick on a major renovation and expansion of a 3500 square foot house in Sleepy Hollow (finished 5/2013). Nick is an excellent contractor.  He consistently generated good ideas for my project from both a practical and an aesthetic prospective.  In addition, he always focused on cost effective solutions to any problems that arose. Even my neighbors commented on the solid work ethic of his crew, and I was very happy with the quality of the work he provided.  Whenever I made requests for additional materials or changes, Nick followed up very quickly and was completely fair in his pricing.  In addition, there was none of the typical slowing down at the end of the project.  Nick and his crew powered through to the end, and took care of the final punch list without delay.  I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is undergoing a home renovation.”
-Lisa James

“Having had the good fortune to have had built three custom homes and numerous commercial projects over the last forty years, I have found that picking the right contractor is the most perilous part of the project. Good contractors make for sunny days and poor ones bleak, overcast, drizzly ones. I hired Nick Calder for a number of reasons. He seemed like a pleasant no B. S., competent fellow that I thought I could work with. His bid was straightforward and included some sensible improvements. Nick’s price was the lowest, however that had little to do with my choice, and one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that a bargain is not always a joy forever – in this case it was! Years ago someone referred to me as a “critical son of a bitch” probably with some basis in fact. During our construction I noted no short cuts or improbable techniques. Everything was done as well or better than expected. To say that I am happy with the outcome would be an understatement.”
-Ron Bennett